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Fantasy Baseball Leagues are now available!
Just because your fantasy team sucks, doesn't mean your league has to.
Our software now has a major upgrade in which the player acquisition interface has been updated. The purpose of this update is to enable team owners to have access to their teams while navigating any page on the site. We have made it so a team can pick up a player directly from many reports (such as statistics, depth charts, etc.). You are not limited in the way you run your fantasy baseball league. You set the rules, the scoring, the decide.
Only $89 per league per season.
Set up a trial private league now, test it out, and pay later.


Fantasy Baseball League Manager Features


Fantasy Baseball League Manager

  • Up to 32 Teams with up to 4 Conferences, all in one league.
  • Head to Head, Rotisserie, Total Points, or combined leagues.
  • Live scoring during all games.
  • Automatic scores and results, just set your league rules.
  • Customized flexible scoring.
  • League fees and awards tracking.
  • League manager supports salary cap leagues, including contracts.
  • Live real time online draft in the "War Room" or draft offline and input later.
  • Multiple types of player movement (adds, waives, bidding, DL, or move to minors).
  • Injured Reserve/Farm Team designation allowing you to free up rosters.
  • Team owners have access to their teams while navigating any page on the site.

Customizable Reports

  • Coaching Efficiency - Compare the best possible starters each week with the optimal starters.
  • Value Rank - Evaluate a player at his position and how he compares on an even level with the rest of the league.
  • Weekly Rank/Awards - View weekly highs and lows, top scores, point averages, etc...
  • Top Players - Players of the week/year, weekly/yearly all star teams, top 20 at each position.
  • Last XX Weeks - Find out the hottest players. Stats from the last 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc..
  • Lineup screen analysis - Detailed injury analysis, opponent rankings, and player trends.
  • League History - View a complete 10 year history of your league and its champions.
  • "What if...Reports" - What if you did not play the same schedule? What if you played everyone every week? What if...

Fantasy Basebal League Extras

  • Complete with Baseball News Wire.
  • Cell Phone/PDA interaction - set lineups, add/waive, live results, and more.
  • Full Baseball Schedule for all teams.
  • Betting Line for all weekly match ups.
  • Choose from over 20 design layouts with customized colors.
  • Upload your team and league logos, as well as sounds.
  • No ad banners or spam email.
  • Fast, reliable technical support.
  • Each league has their very own private message board.
  • Order the first season at regular price, receive a discount for each season thereafter.
  • At, access your league from anywhere at anytime.
  • You get to tell team managers to sign up at
  • Set up a trial private league now, test it out, and pay later
  • Order now, pay later. No download necessary. Test out all of the features. If you like it, pay and enjoy the season. If you don't like it, you don't have to play.
  • All for only $89 PER LEAGUE!


Fantasy Baseball Score Tracker


Fantasy Baseball Score Tracker

With our Fantasy Baseball Score Tracker, you get live results as they no extra charge.
While other fantasy baseball leagues charge extra for this service, the Fantasy Baseball Score Tracker is included in the league purchase price. Every team will have access to the Score Tracker.
There are no hidden or additional charges once you purchase your league. The Fantasy Baseball Score Tracker allows you to check your results by the day or for the whole week.


Fantasy Baseball Mobile Team Manager


Fantasy Baseball Mobile Team Manager

With our Fantasy Baseball Mobile Team Manager you will be able to access your fantasy baseball team via cell phone or PDA. Each team will have the ability to check standings, see live scores, set lineups, add/waive players, and make trades. The Fantasy Baseball Mobile Team Manager is included in the league price and there are no hidden or additional charges. Every team will have access to the Mobile Team Manager making managing your fantasy baseball team a breeze.

Fantasy Baseball League Lineup Screen Analysis

Fantasy Baseball Lineup Screen Analysis

Simply click on each player to add to your starting lineup and click submit. The Fantasy Baseball League Lineup Screen Analysis includes each players stats and future schedule all on one page. We also include breaking news on each player on your fantasy baseball team roster so you well aware of any recent news or activity regarding each player. A quotable feature is also included that enables you to talk smack or the upcoming week.

Set up Your Fantasy Baseball League

Set up your Fantasy Baseball League and try it out to see all of the features that are included. Why play by a standard format of fantasy baseball league rules when you can play your league the way you want to? If you don't see something that you are used to or would like to incorporate your leagues unique scoring rules, send us an email and we will see if we can accommodate you.

Still not convinced??? Did we mention our Fantasy Baseball Leagues feature:
PDA/Cell Phone Compatibility, Support Keeper Leagues, Year-Round Access & Setup,
Custom League Playoffs, Multiple Conference/Player Pools, Support Double Headers,
Multiple Layout Configurations, Live FLASH Scoreboard, Final Results Posted Sunday Night,
Upload Sound Files for each Team/League, Private League Message, Chat, & News Postings,
Fantasy Game Betting Lines, Coach & Team of The Week, Same day Tech Support, and much more.

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